How to donate

Dear benefactors,

Before making any donations, please read the following conditions:

1. We are accepting donations in Russian rubles and USD. Every financial contribution will be used to support the Foundation’s activities specified in the public offer, as well as to cover other expenditures related to project activities. If you want to support the exact ARF activity then please specify it in margin for additional comments of the form you may find at the end of this page.

2. When making a donation to any of our accounts, please specify your name, surname, address, contact telephone number or email – we might need to contact you to avoid any lost or unidentified payments. You can submit this information by filling in the attached form after you have agreed with the conditions. You are free to choose suitable donation transfer methods. Following your request, your donation will remain confidential. For that please tick the relevant box below. Otherwise ARF reserves the right to mention donators in its reports, on the website and in other materials.

3. Always keep receipts, pay slips or other documents you received after payment.

4. If you are willing to make a donation in USD to our bank account, the law requires us to have a letter from you with the following information: name, surname (title of organisation), address, telephone/fax number, aim of donation, date. Please before donating fill the electronic Donation Letter template, otherwise your contribution will not be transferred to the Foundation’s running account.

5.   All personal data will be processed with due confidentiality and in accordance with the Russian laws.

6. If you have questions about the agreement (public offer), status of your transfer or other queries, please contact us at rylkov.foundation@gmail.com.

Unfortunately at the momen the e-payment system is under construction and you can make a donation only directly from the bank office. And please don’t forget to fill the electronic Donation Letter template before donating us money.

Donation Agreement Letter (from individuals)

Donation Agreement Letter (from organizations)

Bank details

Organization name: The Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice

Short name: The Andrey Rylkov Foundation

Address: Marshala Biryuzova str., 17-82, Moscow, 123060, Russia

President Anna Sarang

Foreign currency account – USD

Receiver: The Andrey Rylkov Foundation for Health and Social Justice

Bank name: Krasnopresnenskoe branch # 1569/Sberbank, Russia

Bank address: Nikitsky blvd., 10, Moscow, Russia, 119019

Account number 4070 3840 2381 7000 2103



Transient  foreign currency account  4070 3840 5381 7100 2103

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